We’ve setup a registry on a couple of sites. Since Lorelei is four years old, its surprising how much of her stuff isn’t good any more. We had tried to to get gender neutral stuff, but not everything she had will work with a boy. Add to that the whole lead covered toys and bpa concerns, it feels like we have to buy everything all over again. Beyond that, we’ve got two, not one, so we’ve got to double up on most things.

Below are some of the items from our Amazon Registry. We are also registered at Babies-R-Us. We’re using these as a checklist for all the things we need to re-get.

Things we’ve take care of

We’ve been busy, below are things we’ve picked up, been given, or have a handle on and don’t need any more of. (tbg to be gifted, we’ve been fortunate to have a friends give us what we need when we’re ready)

    2 Rocking Horses
    2 Cribs/Toddler Beds
    2 sets of Crib bedding
    1 Double stroller
    2 Highchairs (tbg)
    1 Glider (tbg)

Amazon Items

[avhamazon wishlist=”283RPFSICXQR” asin=”all” linktype=”pic-details” locale=”US”]