First of a new leaf, er post, and new changes they are a coming.

July 23rd, 2009

I finally am writing a family post. When Lorelei was just a baby in the womb I wrote a lot to keep others up to date on all the experiences of becoming a dad, or as I (and my father before me) like to be called a Papa. I had high hopes I’d track her first activities such as first craw, first rollover, her first steps, and all her words. As you may have seen that didn’t happen much.

The recent life change event that inspired action was we’re pregnant again. I say we, but Michelle has been doing (and will continue to do the lion share) of all the work. In her blog she started cataloging the experience and all she’s done thought IVF, and early ultrasounds to give us another chance to have another baby ( good news is we’re having two, and boys to boot! ). The updates in Michelle’s blog, and even keeping this post have been sidelined by life. Lots of ups and downs at work, house hunting, not to mention the dreaded time sink of Facebook. But now, the pressure is mounting, and we’re closer to entering escrow on a home not far from where we rent now. Michelle is 20 weeks pregnant (did I mention twins!), and we need to purchase and organize not only stuff for a home, but also all the items that come with having two more children and boys on top of that.

I hope to make this spot of my blog a place to catalog the journey and experience of home ownership, dealing with pre baby stuff (like repurchasing most of what we had to get BPA free, or get things that aren’t for a girl), and experiences that Lorelei is having in becoming a big sister. I also hope to grow this portion of the website to record the continuing lives of our family post birth, and activities or things I find that are of note in family lives. I started the design based on something I thought Lorelei would like, however with boys on the way, the balance of girls to boys has shifted so I’ll work on changing the design to match more diverse makeup of the family.

Much of this personal information will be kept private. If you want to know, you’ll have to register (see the link on the side). I promise to keep your information private to the best of my ability. I hope to flesh-out the additional features, photos, wishlist, and email notifications to go with the rss and twitter feeds. Until then read and enjoy.

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