I’ve had a great time making puppets recently. With another birthday party, it was time to make another puppet. Again based on the Project Puppet Roly Puppet Pattern I’ve designed a puppet that looks like the birthday girl.

  • Pink fleece to match skin tone and is one of the birthday girl’s favorite colors
  • Natural looking yarn with a curl/kink to it.
  • Practice balls painted for eyes.
  • Felt in colors to match the birthday girl’s eyes.
  • Purple crushed velvet shirt/dress to include the birthday girl’s other favorite color.
  • With help from the whole family we have my B.P.F.


    August 22nd, 2012

    While making puppets with my daughter, I thought why not make puppets for all the kids. Under this motivation I started thinking about the things my sons like. For one of them the choice is easy, dinosaurs. To add to the “cute” factor we’ll use his nomenclature for the name, and being very young and not yet mastered language dinosaur comes out Dino Door. For the look, we also have plenty of bubble fleece which could make a nice dinosaur skin.

    Starting with green and using the pattern I’ve been using he started like the image above. However my son’s favorite color is red and we have plenty of red bubble fleece. In addition I wanted to try something different, and use the Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern, but give it the support of the foam head like the other simple series patterns. The finished inspiration should be more like this:

    Lavender Design

    August 13th, 2012

    I am enjoying my sabbatical, and my wife suggested that I spend some time doing something I wanted to do for a while, build some puppets. We had a birthday coming up, and we had plenty of left over fleece from her blanket making from her crafting Mommyhood Notions, and I had time. So my daughter and I went to work starting on a puppet for her before diving into a super hero puppet.

    Since this was for my Daughter we would go with some of her favorite colors, and build a fairy puppet. This is the design we started with:

    After finding some great yarn and looking up some tutorials on yarn hair, we elected to go with pig tails and were going for this following design:

    Next post the build…

    Mighty Max

    August 11th, 2012

    I’ve found a little time on my hands, and I’ve finally gotten the chance to do some puppet making. Starting with Project Puppet’s Simple Roly Puppet Pattern I make Mighty Max!