Writers block until the names are chosen.

September 13th, 2009

Well they say pregnancies are different (for the Mom), but that they are more alike than different. I think this one is very true to that as well.

With Lorelei, we fumbled around until one day her name clicked. The same seems to be true with our boys. We had one name, and two middles, now we’ve found the right combinations for us. I’m happy to say its not just baby A and baby B, or as Lorelei has been saying to Michelle’s belly “Prince Eric and King Triton.” and recently “Baby Braeden and King Triton”. From now on, she can say “Braeden (William) and Damon (Christopher)”.

After talking with our daughter we shared the names to the result “Perfect . . . which one is which?” She then proceeded to say “I’ll tell you” and point to Michelle’s belly followed by a kiss for each.

All things are going as well as expected, more on things later.

Why is a Name such an Elusive Thing?

July 25th, 2009

As you may have read, we’ve got two boys on the way sometime in November. What you might not know is we’re having the worst time making up names.

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First of a new leaf, er post, and new changes they are a coming.

July 23rd, 2009

I finally am writing a family post. When Lorelei was just a baby in the womb I wrote a lot to keep others up to date on all the experiences of becoming a dad, or as I (and my father before me) like to be called a Papa. I had high hopes I’d track her first activities such as first craw, first rollover, her first steps, and all her words. As you may have seen that didn’t happen much.

The recent life change event that inspired action was we’re pregnant again. Read the rest of this entry »