July 10th, 2015

If you’re getting started or want more skills try BJ Guyer’s Puppet making tutorials at Stan Winston.

I missed this class when it was live, but signed up as so as it was on-demand. The class is great. He has a pattern, and walks through foam, gluing, draping, stitching, and decorating.

I needed a puppet for a TV workshop and quickly finished with Wormwood.




Wormwood has removable arm rods using a technique BJ shows using a pocket. I love the mouth plate, with straps, and three pieces to give the mouth extra movement.

While I now have a vacuum foaming machine, I haven’t worked out a good mold, so Wormwood is borrowing some Whatnot parts the sweatshirt and eyes. I had glasses from a Peabody and Sherman DVD that worked perfectly. Also using BJ foam carving class I carved a tongue dyed with rit.

What does Ms Fox say?

July 5th, 2015

Considering I started this one over a year ago, its been far too long for me to post. For the most part she was done last year and has just been sitting waiting for the right activity.

Without further ado, I present Ms Fox.

Ms Fox

Ms Fox was built for my daughter’s talent show, the intent was for her to sing “What does the fox say” as a teacher lecturing to her students.

Here is a shot last year of her in progress. A few things changed from design to finished product. She lost the lips and lots a hair bun.


She is my first attempt using James Kemp’s human head pattern. The pattern is better than what I did with it. I didn’t build a great mouth plate, and so I stuffed the head with a poorly shaped foam skull.  In addition she has Project Puppet style arms, poseable hands, and removable arm rods.  Using a Dr Puppet inspired body she also has breasts I patterned out of foam.

The glasses were plastic and a sheet of foamie. In addition, she has a carved foam tongue dyed dark pink with rit dye with just a touch of red sharpie. Just yarn hair pulled back into a ponytail.