If you’re getting started or want more skills try BJ Guyer’s Puppet making tutorials at Stan Winston.

I missed this class when it was live, but signed up as so as it was on-demand. The class is great. He has a pattern, and walks through foam, gluing, draping, stitching, and decorating.

I needed a puppet for a TV workshop and quickly finished with Wormwood.




Wormwood has removable arm rods using a technique BJ shows using a pocket. I love the mouth plate, with straps, and three pieces to give the mouth extra movement.

While I now have a vacuum¬†foaming¬†machine, I haven’t worked out a good mold, so Wormwood is borrowing some Whatnot parts the sweatshirt and eyes. I had glasses from a Peabody and Sherman DVD that worked perfectly. Also using BJ foam carving class I carved a tongue dyed with rit.