Mandy the Pink Monster

Out of my mass of Puppet making, I purchased some pink fur on the remnants pile, when out with my son, and knew he’d love it.

Using technics I’ve recently learned, and armed with the Melon head¬†pattern, I went to work.

Mandy the pink fuzzy monster. Based on Project Puppet Mellon Head, made by John Arnold Holosite Puppets.


Loved making wire hand inserts with my new hand form, and using 1/8″ Steel welding rods, covered in heat shrink, and dipped in PastiDip, I have nice arm rods.

Its been a while but…

It has been a while since I really built anything. I’ve played with a number of things, but haven’t finished anything. I recently joined both PuppetSmith and the San Francisco Bay Area Puppet Guild, and finally feel motivated to finish.

In May, I joined a workshop lead by Mary Nagler through SFBAPG, we were provided basic materials and we assembled arm rods, glued a gasket mouth plate, and formed wire hands. We also had another workshop with hands on practice in front of a monitor really puppeteering. While I couldn’t make it to beyond the sock. This was really fun and a great learning experience. I really got to see and experience the value of Arm rods, and really did what I’ve seen on Youtube. In addition I’d never worked with Gasket rubber and see what you can do with a puppet’s expressions.

Inspired by the workshop I was going to make some more puppets. I built a wood form similar to what I used in the workshop, and made some hands.


This form is great and makes shaping the wire for Project puppet hand patterns easy.

I got out my patterns the Project Puppet mellon head, the Puppetsmith little guy, and James Kemp’s human head patterns.


After the first day, I had all the pieces of foam, fleece, and fur cut.


After a few more nights, I had the foam glued, most of the sewing complete, arm rods, and more done. While in progress I agreed to do an Evil frog for my son. Below you can see the progress on the little guy in the green/frosted fur, Mss Fox using James’s human head pattern, the evil frog using the glorified sock puppet and alternate body pattern, the pink furry monster, and my puppet still missing details from Mary’s workshop.



Well, making progress more to come.