Puppet Mark Slomski has arrived.

Well, I’ve been busy at work, and in addtion to helping with costumes for halloweeen I completed my first commission, for the Slomski Brothers! Now used in their fundraising campaign. The Slomskis can live on in puppet form. Check out their Indiegogo campaign (http://www.indiegogo.com/slomskiway).

The Slomski Brothers formed in the fall of 2009, and since that time, they traveled the US, produced two vaudeville comedy albums, and delighted audiences young and old alike.

Now, we’re proud to announce the 3rd and final album from the Slomski Brothers, The Slomski Way. Mark Slomski has mastered unreleased comedy routines and recorded new songs that are sure to tickle any Slomski fan. The album is nearing completion, but we need your help. The Slomski Brothers are old school classy fellas who to want give you something you can hold in your hand.

We need to raise the necessary funding for the physical production and distirbution fees for the album. This is your chance to make a difference and reward yourself with more of your favorite vaudeville act.

The puppet is based on the Project Puppet (http://projectpuppet.com) pinhead pattern with the alternate body pattern, both at 120%, and I used eyes from (http://suncatchereyes.net). This also included posable hands with detachable arm rods.

Fun techniques for hands, rods, spoon eyes. I need to learn/play with better techniques for attaching fur for hair, and securing the hand to the mouth plate.