My first cuddle monster.

To date all my puppet building had been done on a sabbatical from work. Before returning to work, I dug up some fur I had and made my first monster. I really only had the body done, and I was left wondering how to accessorize him. On a trip to Mendels to look for other fur, I picked up the boa and I had my idea, the eyebrows for the monster would be fuzzy orange. To add an addition touch, I made horns.

Finished I have My first cuddle monster:

Lil Cuddle Monster

Most of my future updates will have to wait until my first commissioned project can be completed and shown.

Sugar Plum the Birthday Fairy

Its time for another birthday, and so another puppet.

I love the multicolor yarn. Again used the Roly pattern, but changed how I attached the mouth plate to the foam head to lengthen the head.

Still working on hair. This one has a pony tail, and so I assembled the body, and cut out the patch in the head for the hair. I made a circle sewed on the yarn and hand stitched the hair plate on. Then I was able to pull the hair back for a pony tail.

Also love halloween, I was able to get $1 wings from the dollar store.