A finished Dino•Doar

After fixing the arms for a third time, and changing the iris design a couple times, here is my son’s Dino•Doar.

I have some in progress images showing the parts unassembled. The fun thing about this one is I really started to modify and add my own pieces for the pattern.

For this puppet I used the Project Puppet Glorified Sock Pattern, but I never knew how people got their versions of this to look so padded. So I used the Roly foam head design elongated to match the long pointy mouth.  I also made my own pattern pieces for the tail and spine. To get the spine down the back and cut down on seams, I took the body pattern parts and reassembled them to cut on the fold and leave a seam down the back. I could then pin the spikes to the head and back seam to sew them in with the tail.

The other difference and inspiration besides my son’s love of dinosaurs was to cut the pieces from the bubble fleece. Special Note bubble fleece isn’t as stretchy as normal fleece, and it was a lot tougher to sew through at times.

I also tried sewing felt mouth into the puppet body  prior to placing the head and mouth in the body, and the gluing stuck to other places in the head. The mouth has a retile wrinkle which works here, but I think I like the technique from Tom Stewart’s video on puppet building. He recommends glueing the mouth felt in last. Other items to note, I shortened the arms to look more like that of a dinosaur.