New Theme Samples

Working on designs for new blog. To see the designs jump ahead.

The general concept is to have one main blog where I can post anything, but with some categories or topics appearing as if they are stand alone blogs. Someone subscribed to my puppet blog shouldn’t have to read or care about my family, and someone reading about my family shouldn’t have to read about a book or scifi show I’m reviewing. But if you want to see the whole me, then the main blog will have all the categories and posts. To facilitate this, I’ll have a default theme and some major categories. These major categories will have a unique feel, a different set of content, and unique functionality requirements.

Additional universal functionality should include posts to twitter, and maybe collect twitter @replies. Links to a image and video gallery will be included, but I’m not sure if WordPress’s media management is enough or I want integration with PHP gallery or some other media manager. The sites should all be viewable on the iphone. I’d also like some functionality that is specific to the kinds of categories and described with the themes below.

Default theme
This is the main “home page” for the whole blog. Since this is my blog and holosite is my main url/website, the title will reflect holosite blog or holoblog. This is the place for talking tech, general rants, and a jumping off point for the other subjects. I’d like a dark web tech feel to the site. Also the posts have a little icon to indicate the theme or category they belong to. Currently the test site is 60% themed, and the main categories show a different theme than the home page. Try it out and see.

Puppet theme
This is a place for all things puppet. My puppet concepts, drawings, in progress puppets, costumes, etc. Also a place to share puppet news from around the web. I like the purple from Holosite carried to the Muppet/theater curtain look. I also want a muppet feel to the buttons and containers. The Fuzzy side bar, felt/fleece looking title bar, etc. I need a place for pictures in the post , and an area to include my puppets in the page would be nice. I need to work on the header fonts and logo. Other than a gallery, this doesn’t need any special functionality. Maybe an amazon/ebay listing area.

Family Theme
This is a place for all things family, and inspired by my daughter. It will have posts on her, being a father, and family related things like the progress and birth of more children. Right now I only have the color pallet, and some design inspiration. I really need help here. The original inspiration came from a picture frame we got for my daughter. The orange and yellows are kid friendly and somewhat gender neutral. The pink is my for my daughter’s influence. The icon i have currently is a pink/orange flower image, but I’m open to the design using the current pallet.

Functionality is the big addition here. I need a basic level of security where only authorized users can see all posts. Some posts will be public while others will be subscriber only. This section also need a subscription service so family can sign up and get an email when there’s a new post (Grandma doesn’t know what RSS is). This one really needs a gallery too. The original version of this blog is what made me start the wpg2 plugin. I wanted to theme the php gallery, and if you were logged in to the blog to read the posts you should be logged in to see all the protected pictures. The other function I need is a wish list where I can put up (Kids) Christmas wishlists, baby(s) to be wishlist, etc. I can envision tabs or pages here with blog, gallery, and wishlist. Amazon has come a long way in their wishlist but I want a personal one. Other functionality may be my own evite system.  Birthday party, twin baby shower, dance recital, etc. This section would also benefit from a calendar of posts and well as important dates. This site more than any other category is what will drive most of my content for a while and is driving my need to get it done.

The other main theme that I haven’t started visually designing is an entertainment blog. One thing I love to follow on the web is entertainment news. This is where I can write reviews and share news about my love of movies, tv, books, comics, and audiobooks. The visual elements I would like to put together include tv static, an open book, shadowy guy in a trench-coat, and images to evoke sword and sorcery fantasy, to vampires, to werewolves. Colors are browns, black, and book paper/eggshell white. The functionality here would be to tie to Amazon. I wouldn’t mind driving book sales or traffic to earn a (very) little something. I also would like to have the Shelfari function of the bookshelf. Here’s what I’ve read, here’s what I’m reading, here’s what I’d like to read. It may just be embedding the Shelfari widget.

An additional theme/category I may want is for japanese robots. So I can have a blog like Alen Yen’s ToyboxDX. I can show off my collection and talk about the love of Chogokin.

So if you have suggestions for plugins, comments on the design, or other suggestions please comment below.